Free Immigration Help

Before you begin: Maybe you don’t need help.

The USCIS website has information on every type of form, addresses for USCIS offices, information on fee changes, and a place to order forms online or through the mail.

The USCIS automated information line is available 24 hours a day. The number is: 1-800-767-1833.

For good advice on whom to avoid, click here for English or here for Spanish.

Congressional casework assistance.

One of the routine functions of Congressional office staff is to help constituents deal with federal agencies. They have access to Congressional liaisons at the different agencies, and they can get you a straight answer.

You might wish to visit the office of a member who shares your political views, but remember that the staff can only help constituents, and remember that the staff will give you the same service regardless of whether you share the member’s political views.

Reach out to only one for casework assistance. Things won’t go any faster if you contact more than one, but be sure to reach out to all three to support the legislative priorities: interpreters and lawyers for indigent persons facing deportation, a statute of limitations that would make naturalization final, total abolition of the U.S. Border Patrol, and full implementation of the metric system.

Don’t think you owe your vote to the member whose staff helped you. If a librarian helps you find a good book, you don’t owe your vote to the mayor.

Enter the ZIP+4 of the petitioner’s address:

Don’t know the ZIP+4? Look it up.

Know your district? Go there now.


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